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Elumen colour

Goldwell Elumen Color

Long lasting, oxidant-free, ammonia-free hair color. Creates extra vibrant and shiny hair without damage


  • Dermatologically tested

  • Repairs the hair while coloring

  • Without peroxide, ammonia and ammonia-odour

  • Alternative for clients with allergic reactions with oxidative color

  • Up to 37% more shine compared to intensive demi-permanent hair colors

  • Up to 76% more color intensity compared to oxidative permanent hair colors

  • Up to 20% longer durability compared to oxidative permanent colors

Goldwell elumen

Benefits of Elumen colour

Elumen colour has remained one of the top choices for permanent hair dye for many years due to its superior restorative abilities, allowing you to get the colour you want while actively repairing the condition of your hair. Elumen offers far more shine and colour intensity than oxidative colouring options, and without the use of peroxide and ammonia, it’s also much safer for your hair. 


With all these benefits, the list of perks by using Elumen are endless, but here our top 6 reasons to try Goldwell Elumen at your next hair salon visit.


1. No Chemical Reaction

Without peroxide, ammonia and ammonia-odour, Elumen works by creating a physical change to the hair, not a chemical one (non-oxidative). This remarkable technology uses the negative and positive charges in the hair to allow itself to cling on to the hair for a longer period of time using something called the MAGNET-EFFECT which draws the color deep inside the hair follicle.


2. Hair Health

Elumen repairs the hair while colouring, it refills (Repair Effect) damaged areas inside the hair and creates exceptional brilliance and healthy feel for the hair.


3. Shinier Hair

Elumen is a low pH acid colour, which means it is able to close your hair cuticle so tight that it produces a diamond-like shine that is up to 37% more shine compared to intensive demi-permanent hair colours.


4. Allergy Free

If you have any sensitivities, allergies with the traditional oxidative colour , this could be an alternative for you as Elumen is ammonia and peroxide free and gentle for the hair.


5. Colour Longevity

This treatment is worth your time because it is longer lasting and holds incredible durability that produces 76% more colour intensity and 20% longer durability than other oxidative colours. 


6. Colour Variety 

Originally, Elumen was targeted for funky bright colours that would last. It now includes warm, cool and pure colours for the professionals.


Elumen Colour - The Ultimate Colour Performance

Price from $159 to $219

Add $30 for very long hair

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Frequently Ask Questions

1. Can Elumen cover grey hair?

Yes, up to 100% grey coverage. 

2. Do I need to bleach my hair?

Not necessary, depending on the color you choose and the current level of your hair.

3. Can Elumen color be removed or change to a new color?

Yes, Elumen color can be easily removed without bleaching and return to the underlying hair color.

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