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Tokio Inkarami Singapore

Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment 
Japan #1 hair repair treatment

Improve your hair quality so much that it feels as if you were born yesterday!

Tokio Inkarami (by Dr. Jr.), a leading hair treatment uses patented technology INKARAMI and Fullerene, a Nobel Prize award ingredient to repair extremely damaged hair, this includes not only permed and rebonded hair but even bleached hair. Damaged hair can be restored to its original healthy state by up to 140% , providing the most successful and long-lasting result, leaves hair looking and feeling shinier, smoother, softer, and stronger. This 5 step hair treatment also contains six different types of keratin, further enhancing its ability to repair and strengthen hair. 

tokio inkarami benefits at a glance

Beyond the superficial repair works, Tokio Inkarami targets the Cortex (middle layer) of the hair. It goes deep within the hair structure to repair and replenish lost Keratin from within, which leads to healthier and stronger hair. It also protect hair against UV and other heat damages.


The best part about Tokio Inkarami is that it is suitable for everyone. Your hair doesn’t have to be damaged for you to pamper yourself with this premium hair treatment.


8 Facts about the Tokio Inkarami treatment.

1. Rescues very damaged hair.

2. Reduces damage caused by bleaching.

3. Enhances perm and volume rebonding results.

4. Makes hair feels silky soft.

5. Is so light, so it doesn’t weigh your hair down.

6. Smells heavenly good.

7. Is affordable.

8. Last from 4 to 6 weeks, in some cases longer, by using our accompanying home care products, they are very important and structured differently from regular shampoos.


It is a revolutionary hair treatment that offers a real makeover to the hair.


Pamper yourself to this professionally customised hair treatment tailor made to your needs and preferences!

Price from $169 to $229

Add $30 for very long hair

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