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Testimonial from our clients

Hear what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with Salon de Edmund. Read our testimonials and join the ranks of happy clients today!

hair perm near me


"Me and my wife have been regular customer of Salon de Edmund, their service are always on the top notch. Before CNY, my wife was decided to perm her hair with NU WAVE perm, which is new gen of waves technology recommended by the Salon. My wife was happy with the end result as it is quite different for the digital perm. She can style her hair with curl or straight easily and it is much less harmful to the her. Would recommend lady to give it a try on NUWAVE with Salon de Edmund 👍"


haircut near me


"Best service I had at a salon!
hairstylist was very skilled. very satisfied with my haircut!
definitely should check it out!"


Anti frizz treatment near me


"Thanks to the stylist, I was hesitant to try it at first but I trusted the stylist recommendations and took the plunge. Happy with the results so far."



"Came across this salon when I was at upper Thomson and I just had to try it. Love how natural their keratin treatment was - like your natural hair but better ;) service was great too! They offered drinks and snacks. "



"Cannot praise their stylists enough for giving me the most relaxing salon experience ever, I feel like I went to a spa! They were very informative, attentive, friendly and professional.

They started with a detailed scalp analysis to have a thorough insight on my scalp and hair issues. Now I know that the reason for my fine and thinning hair is bad clogging of hair follicles and oily scalp! So they recommended me to have Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment which uses natural essential oils to improve the condition of my scalp. My most favourite during the entire procedure was the scalp massage - it’s the best ever, I was honestly trying my best not to sleep!

I really recommend this treatment and this salon if you’re looking for a salon that truly cares about hair health."



"Recently did a Keratin hair treatment at Salon De Edmund and had a really pleasant experience there! Their award-winning stylist was very professional and hospitable. The salon was posh, spacious and super chic as well!

The Keratin treatment made my recently-bleached hair less frizzy & tangled, so it is much easier to tame my hair now."



"Thumbs up for Salon de Edmund. Their aroma scalp treatment is a must try. It’s an aroma therapy treatment in itself. I felt so destressed with the scent of essential oils. Best of all, everyone from the boss to the staff made me feel very much at home and relaxed. I love the stylist cut and styling. She’s such a professional and perfectionist."



"A hidden gem @ Thomson area. Did a Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment & stylist was very patient and professional. My hair was lustre and soft after the treatment.  Great environment and will definitely go back again."


hair colouring near me


"Recently did my hair at Salon de Edmund – a chic, spacious, and AESTHETIC salon located near Thomson Road. I stepped in with dry golden hay, and stepped out with luscious, smoky ash umber-coloured hair.

As my job nature wouldn’t permit loud hair colours, they didn’t have much room to play with. But boy did they impress! The award-winning hair artist, skilfully designed a unique smoky ash umber colour with a tinge of metallic sliver hue – a specially customised colour that can’t be achieved anywhere else. Surely I was in good hands 🙌🏻"


men haircut


"Elegant and tidy hair salon with a classy upscale vibe. Staff are friendly and you can tell they are genuinely passionate about their profession. Convenient location with parking available."



"A lovely vibe, quiet and elegant away from the hustle and bustle of shopping centres and malls. It's on a quaint little street with a view of trees. Extra bonus, the owner is a super nice guy. It was raining and I forgot my umbrella and he gave me a ride home! Worth supporting a homegrown and neighborhood business!"



"My hair has always been frizzy and dry but its the smoothest and neatest it has been since I visited them. I absolutely loved my experience there with their award-winning stylists who were very professional, very friendly and very patient in explaining the steps they were taking to fix my oily scalp. 

I did the Aromatherapy Scalp Therapy which uses natural essential oils to moisturise dry and damaged hair and also provides a protective coating to each hair follicle for that glow. It’s my first time doing a scalp treatment instead of just a hair one which really helps to tackle problems at the root cause! 

TBH if you are gonna spend money on your hair I strongly recommend you to just go for this bc its so comfortable and so much more helpful. They did a real-time scan on me and showed me how GROSS and CLOGGED my scalp was and then proceeded to evaluate what treatment would be best for my scalp"



"Pleasantly surprise to find an awesome hair salon hidden among rows of shops behind UOB Upper Thomson. Nearest Upper Thomson MRT exit is 4. I had a nice haircut and the stylist give good recommendation. Another plus point is parking is free at salon door step. Will definitely come back to try out their signature aroma scalp treatment in my next visit!"



"Didn't want a haircut because wanted to save money! But my boyfriend went there and when I entered, I felt like I needed to do a haircut in this place. Never regretted.

First the owner of the salon allowed me to park just beside his salon, so that I don't have to go looking for a lot at the bungalows.

Boyfriend asked a lot of questions and recommendations. His hairstylist was professional and recommended a suitable dye and style for his face. Wa, my boyfriend suddenly became more handsome. 👍

My female hairstylist, was super meticulous and I have never seen a hairstylist so precise in a haircut. Every layer she makes sure it was even, not like those who just grab a bunch of hair and cut it. Nope. She made sure every layer of hair was straight neat and synchronised. Took an hour for my haircut and at a not expensive rate of 49 dollars.

While waiting for my boyfriend, they offered me a massage on their massage chair in a room.

This is a hidden gem. Service is good and they are PROFESSIONALS. Rates are affordable too! Cross my heart, will go back. "


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